Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today's Lunches: Brought to you by Insomnia

In addition to packing lunches in the middle of the night, I also boiled up a dozen eggs and turned half into egg salad and put the other 6 into my egg molds for future lunches...

Aaron's lunch has two PB&J flowers decorated with fruit strips that I cut out... it's supposed to be a car driving in the sun with the little exhaust smoke out the back and a forest.  He also has goldfish, cashews, YoGos, candy pumpkins, banana chips, and dried apricot in the smallest section and cheese stick slices, mini turkey pepperoni and carrots in the last section. 

The girls have PB&J decorated with fruit strip cutouts, goldfish, sliced cheese stick, a pumpkin candy, cashews, mixed dried fruit, banana chips and yogurt covered raisins.  Under the sandwiches is a granola bar to hold the one side up on an angle.


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