Sunday, September 12, 2010

Big Lunch-Dinner for Aaron

Aaron has duty tomorrow, so he won't be just eating lunch at work, but dinner as well.  I used our Easy Lunch Boxes and packed him a huge lunch, and a bunch of snacks.

I made him a big salad with romaine, tomato, cheese and chili lime tortilla strips.  In the blue container (from our Laptop Lunchboxes set) is ranch.  There's also potato salad.  In the other container, there's two turkey & muenster sandwiches, grapes and carrots.

I put both containers in the Easy LunchBoxes insulated bag, and added some pumpkin pie pop-tarts, a fruit & grain bar, peanut butter crackers and a yogurt.

Between what I've packed and the various junk he buys at the gedunk (usually burritos, hot pockets, cup of noodles, etc), he should be good to go.

For the girls tomorrow, I packed a lot of roll ups, since they think eating off of the food picks is so cool.

The girls also have a small salad, with ranch in the dip container.  In their main containers, they have tortilla rolls with cream cheese, chives, and shredded carrot as well as bologna & cheese rolls.  They also have fruit snacks, grapes, raisins, and yogurt covered raisins.


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