Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bento Questions & Giveaway

I've had several people ask me about the lunches I make for the girls and Aaron. I'm going to try to answer them, hopefully I'll remember what I was asked! If I missed something, feel free to ask again!

Where do you get the containers and accessories?

I really have a ton of containers- I most frequently use my Easy LunchBoxes (where I'm an affiliate) set for Aaron, and I have two more sets on the way for the girls. I can't wait to get them, they are fabulous! I wrote a review of the system right here. I also use traditional two tier Japanese bento boxes often for the girls. I've purchased them from a few places, such as All Things For Sale (use code tatertwins for 5% off), Bento Crazy, and another online retailer who recently closed their doors to internet sales, boo.

These places also carry the majority of the accessories I use, including food picks, belts (elastic to hold the tiers together), egg molds, food cutters, and bags. I use the silicone muffin tins in various shapes to keep food separate, instead of the disposable paper ones. I bought those at Michael's, where you can also find the food-safe markers I occasionally use.

How long does it take to pack their lunches like this?

I really think it takes only a few minutes longer than throwing a sandwich and some chips in Ziplock baggies. I try to stock up on bento-friendly foods, which helps. By keeping small things like raisins, cheese sticks, cherry tomatoes, canned fruit, etc in the house, I can fill up gaps in the boxes after I put the bigger things like the sandwiches, crackers, yogurt in.

What do you do with the leftover scraps of food?

When I make cut out sandwiches or decorate with cheese slices, I am left with scraps. I hate to waste it, so I generally feed them to the twins. They don't seem to care at this point that they get the leftovers! They eat lots of PB&J crusts for breakfast. Also, sometimes I'll tuck the smaller scraps, like the pieces left from the cheese shapes, underneath the sandwich where you can't see them if I don't give them to the babies.

What do you send them to drink?

The girls each have a SIGG water bottle that they bring. I only put water in them, because I figure the one day I fill it with juice or milk they'll leave it and it will get nasty. Aaron used to reuse an old Gatorade bottle, but the other day I finally bought him his own aluminum water bottle as well.

Ok that's all I can remember right now... LOL
But, I have this bento starter set up for grabs at my main blog, The TaterTwins- so go over there and enter to win!


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