Friday, October 8, 2010

Cake Pop Fail

I had the bright idea that I'd make cake pops for Mia to bring to school today for her birthday... I used Funfetti cake mix, and bought some Wilton candy melts that I thought would look so very cute...

These melts right here:

Only they didn't melt. Well OK, they did, but not thin enough to dip properly. I thought perhaps it was because I was using the microwave method, so I tried putting them on the stovetop, but it didn't help. Then I read online in one of the cake pop tutorials that you can add a spoonful of shortening to thin it out, but we only had butter flavored... and it ruined it.

Then there was the fact that I used the Funfetti cake mix- because I wanted the colors of the cake to show, I used cream cheese icing... and well it ended up looking less like cake and more like Thanksgiving stuffing. So for future reference, use chocolate icing and cake. At least then they look like round brownies.

Half of the cake pops wouldn't dip properly- the chocolate was thick and it made them heavy and they'd fall off the stick. It was cake pop carnage. Several fell off the sticks completely and landed in my dipping chocolate. The ones above are the rejects that didn't completely commit suicide via drowning.

A handful came out OK, but definitely not enough to send to school with Mia. It's sad really, because I even covered a little box and put Styrofoam inside to make a cute little birthday bouquet display for them. These are the best, before I ran out of dipping chocolate and realized there wouldn't be enough left after all the failed attempts to go around even if I had more chocolate to melt.
I'd even bought this cute glitter icing to decorate them with- can you imagine how adorable these would have looked if the white sparkly melts worked properly? Sigh. I guess we have to stop at Food Lion for boring old store bought cupcakes on the way in to school this morning.
I'm not even sure why I tagged these photos- it's not like someone is going to snag them and claim them as their own LOL


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