Monday, June 7, 2010

I got crafty

I was inspired by a blog that I can't seem to locate now... where they crafted this same gift for their child's teacher. I remember the child was in kindergarten... but I can't for the life of me find the blog now to give them proper credit!

Anyway, with the end of the school year just a couple days away, I figured I better get on it. I made Lili's teacher (and the TA) a survival kit. It was simple and quick- I used the bead boxes from Michael's ($2.99) and filled them with assorted supplies and necessities:

The cute shaped paperclips, page clampy things and magnets also came from Michael's- they were in the dollar bins. I bought the chocolate (milk chocolate Dove Promises, yum), mints, erasers, Tylenol (doesn't every elementary school teacher need a supply of Tylenol?) and hand sanitizer at Walmart. Oh and the post-its, which really didn't fit until I broke the bricks in half LOL

I also bought a 12 pack of cute pencils, but they didn't fit in the boxes.

On the lid, I attached a thick piece of scrapbook paper trimmed to size. I used these sheets of double sided sticky stuff- and man, that stuff was STICKY. Lili and I choose papers with the lines, since it was more school-ish. We bought coordinating alphabet stickers and spelled out her teacher's names. You should have heard her- "Capital M little R-S-dot-space big A little L-T-M-A-N"

I tied them shut with a piece of yarn, and used that to secure the pencils to the outside since they wouldn't fit in any of the compartments. We added a gift tag (the back has the To: and From: stuff) and we're good to go! (I meant to put the bird on the other box but wrote the wrong name on the tag :X) Aren't the cute?

So, what do you think? What did you give or are you planning on giving for teacher gifts?


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