Monday, May 19, 2008



It's really full :)

I zigzagged on top of the seams to make it look all rustic or something LMAO

Lili's Bento Box


Lid: Spoon & Pocky
Top: Vanilla yogurt with a strawberry, Apple cinnamon rice cakes, Tangerine
Bottom: Turkey bologna and provolone with lowfat mayo on a wheat tortilla, grape tomatoes


Saturday, May 17, 2008


My girls won't eat them. My boys, no problem, but these girlies refuse everything except corn, and that gets old. Plus we've been eating out all the time, ugh. They are so not eating as healthy as I'd like. And neither am I...
They are fine with fruits though, so I give them fruit all the time.

So anyway I got a bug up my butt that my kids would eat better- and since I needed groceries I started yesterday when I went shopping. I bought a ton of whole grain stuff, low-fat dairy stuff, fruit, etc. I went to the book store and got a cookbook about sneaking pureed veggies into kid friendly foods- Deceptively Delicious :)

Then last night I sat with the cookbook and made another grocery list of fresh veggies and other ingredients to get... and we went and got them today. I am going to cook and bag up all of it tonight, and freeze it all so I can just take it out and dump it into stuff.

This project also required me to buy a food processor and a rice steamer LOL

So far I've steamed (what needed steaming) and pureed beets, spinach, navy beans, carrots, yellow squash, zucchini, and orange & yellow peppers.

I've got cauliflower and sweet potatoes going now, and up next is garbanzo beans, broccoli, butternut squash and avocados. Then I think I'll be done for the night LOL

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